Africa Sky Cinema - Inflatable Movie Screen

Welcome to Africa Sky Cinema, bringing movies to the people on the biggest mobile, inflatable screens in Africa. All we need is an open area!

Africa Sky Cinema offers a modern and customizable re-invention of the drive-in cinema. We offer a heavy-duty, black PVC framework and a white projection screen surface attached to it via bungee cables that can easily be set up as a fully operational movie screen.

A whole Cinema can be set up within 1 hour anywhere you like, from the beach to the bushveld!

Unlike the old conventional drive-in cinema Africa Sky Cinema is customizable: you can choose the time, place and movie or film content shown. It offers privacy and is equally popular for corporate and private use.

Most popular general applications of Africa Sky Cinema include:

   •  Corporate functions
   •  School fund raising, educational and entertainment functions
   •  Private birthday parties and fun events
   •  All other customizable cinema events & occasions.

Bring your own picnic baskets, blankets and camping chairs and enjoy a family night under one of the most spectacular painted ceilings you will ever see, The African Sky Drive-ins are also a good way to reach people, and we use wide, open spaces for these types of events.

Africa Sky Cinema has created a separate entity, Africa Sky Ministries, which is dedicated to the religious applications of the Sky Cinema in Church, religious and motivational meetings, camps and outreach events.